The Bristol Process

  • 1

    Client Consultation – The consultation phase of the process is the most critical piece. This step allows us to fully understand the needs of the client and to discuss the strategy involved in identifying the proper candidates.

  • 2

    Market Analysis – Bristol leverages its long standing relationships throughout the industry to network and canvass the market to ascertain the best candidates for the position.

  • 3

    Candidate Evaluation - After candidates are identified there is an extensive screening and investigation process into the candidate's background and credentials to confirm the capabilities of each candidate.

  • 4

    Transition Management – Once the client and optimal candidate come to a mutual agreement of terms, Bristol plays an integral part in working with both parties before, during, and after the candidate's resignation.

  • 5

    Process Review – Bristol views each successful placement as part of a long term partnership with our clients. By reviewing the complete hiring cycle, it allows us to adapt our services to best accommodate that client in the future.

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